Howard Austin
Elisabeth and Howard first met when they were soloists with the Midwood High School chorus in Brooklyn, New York. They were each selected from thousands to sing with the NY All City High School Chorus at Carnegie Hall.  Elisabeth went on to pursue a singing career with scholarships to the Juilliard School of Music while Howard sang his way through Architecture School at CCNY and a Psychology degree at Pace University while he delved deeply into private vocal study with some of the top voice teachers in NYC.

Elisabeth Howard
On the brink of major success in 1963, at the tender age of 22, Elisabeth's voice suddenly began to fail.  Four years and 15 voice teachers later, she became re-acquainted with her high school singing buddy, Howard, at a chorus alumni reunion.  Shortly thereafter, they began the rehabilitation of Elisabeth's voice and the development of the Vocal Power Method.
During their early work, valuable feedback was provided by young John DeMain, who later became Musical Director of the Houston Grand Opera.  Liz and Howard have been together as friends, singing co-stars in musicals and cabarets, songwriters with an M.C.A. contract, voice teachers, co-authors and, for a while, husband and wife.  From 1981 to 1999 they were co-founders & directors of the Vocal Power Institute in Los Angeles, with a staff of professional singer/teachers trained in their Vocal Power method.

Vocal Power Training is available to millions of people through the BORN TO SING audio CDs, DVD, videos and instruction books, with world-wide distribution through Howard Austin's  Music World company and Vocal Power School.

Elisabeth and Howard have conducted training seminars and demonstrations for the music teachers of Los Angeles County, the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Los Angeles Songwriter's Expo, church choirs and private groups. Howard and Elisabeth have appeared on numerous talk shows, fascinating callers and studio audiences with their instant "on the spot" vocal analyses and helpful hints on voice training, and sharing the natural joys of singing with their belief that "anyone with a normal speaking voice can sing". After a 44 year relationship Elisabeth and Howard have since parted company but their legacy of innovative Vocal Power Training Methods lives on in BornToSing Products & at Howard Austin's Vocal Power School - Los Angeles, CA, USA

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