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SPEAK to InfluenceNewly revised second edition!

Speak to Influence
by Susan Berkley

How to unlock the hidden power of your voice.

Achieve greater confidence and credibility by improving the sound of your voice. Do so all the while knowing that you aren't hurting your personal budget by spending lots of money on such a great resource. You will discover how easy it is to:

  • Speak without stress
  • Project a polished, professional image.
  • Speak with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Have a warm, friendly voice that puts people at ease
  • "Speak to Influence™ is one of those books that can truly change the quality of your life. Highly recommended." 
    - The Midwest Book Review

    "Fortunately for the layperson Susan Berkley writes as well as she speaks. Speak to influence is the perfect book for the layperson as well as the professional. From telemarketer to senator, her book is the definitive text."
    - G. Gordon Liddy

    Here's just some of what you'll learn: How to avoid the most commonly mispronounced words. Warm up exercises anyone can do. Tips for non-native speakers of English and those who love them. Broadcaster's secrets for overcoming stage fright 3 steps to build rapport with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Eliminate annoying "verbal viruses" forever. 7 ways to play your voice like a finely tuned instrument. How to never, ever be boring - and much, much more!

    Table of Contents:

      1. What This Book Can Do For You
      2. Banish Non Words from Your Speech - Forever
      3. Evaluate Your Voice
      4. How to avoid embarassing pronunciation and usage mistakes 
      5. Ready. Set. Warm up your voice.
      6. Sound Like You Mean Business... Even When You Feel Like a Wimp Inside
      7. Use The Power of Your Mind to Shape Your Voice
      8. Play Your Voice Like a Finely Tuned Instrument
      9. Tempo! Rhythm! Placement!
    10. How to Be a Stress-Free Speaker
    11. Hold Audience Attention
    12. State Your Case Effectively
    13. The 26 Biggest Telephone "Turn Offs" and How to Avoid Them
    14. How to Leave Voicemail Messages That Get Returned (And Get Results)
    15. How to Keep From Losing Your Voice (Even When Everyone Around You is Sneezing and Coughing In Your Face)

    Speak to Influence™

    Achieve greater confidence and credibility by improving the sound of your voice. Softcover book, 188 pages


    Title: SPEAK to Influence: How to unlock the hidden power of your voice
    Description:    Book, soft cover, 188 pages
    Price:    $14.95