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Spend an exciting day with Vocal Power School director, Howard Austin in a creative journey in the art of singing and performance. The program may be customized to fit your group and generally includes:
    The emphasis of the workshop may be customized as needed and geared to accommodate any level, style or age group, individual or choral.

    We look forward to working with you on developing this event.

    [ Pop Voice/Musical Theater ] [Choral ] [ Host a Workshop ]

The Pop Voice And The New Musical Theater

Step up to the next level toward improving your singing and performance. Whether you aspire to be a solo recording or cabaret artist or to land roles in musical shows, this hands-on workshop will provide the know-how to get you going toward your personal goal. Experienced performer and teacher, Howard Austin focuses on the three fundamental areas of training to develop your vocal power: Vocal Technique, Singing Style, and Stage Presentation.  Howard Austin, director of the Vocal Power School in Los Angeles and co-author of Born To Sing and Sing Like A Pro, is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Actors Equity Association and Screen Actors Guild. This program has proven successful for all ages and for all styles of singing with an emphasis on the new musical theater and pop voice.
Howard will be available for private or semi private sessions at $75 per hour.

Choral Seminar
The Human Pipe Organ

A workshop in tuning, toning and shaping the vocal ensemble
Conducted by Howard Austin

        Tone-Color Coordination
      • Using the 4 primary vocal tone colors
      • Controling the timbre of the ensemble for phrase, word or syllable
      • Enhancing the expression of the text
        • Vowel Cloning - Consonant Precision
        • The articulators - tongue, lips and jaw
        • Perfect matching of vowel shapes
        • Peak resonating power
        • Consonant timing - voiced and voiceless
        • Clarity of diction
          • Vibrato Synchronics
          • Techniques in controlling vibrato
          • Special effects and interpretive dynamics
          • Straight tone and vibrato speed control

    Howard works with one or more choral groups, demonstrating these techniques and providing exercises in each of these areas. Howard will be available for private or semi private sessions at $75 per hour.

Host a Workshop
Vocal Power will provide artwork for a mailer/flyer that you can reproduce and send to your mailing list and distribute.

Vocal Power will coordinate with you, as the local sponsor, to provide training products at the event. (through your organization or a local music merchant)

As the sponsor, you shall arrange for an appropriate venue equipped with adequate seating, sound system (3 mics), piano and a versatile accompanist for the presentation segment of the program.
for a choral program - slightly different arrangements)

COST: To be determined - flat fee OR a % of ticket sales + (up to 40% of ticket sales will go to the event sponsor) + Round trip transportation to the event for two + Accommodations (1 room, 2 nights for a one-day event)

Howard will be available for private or semi private sessions at $75 per hour.

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