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Leading laryngologist, Hans von Leden
Voice Doctor to the Stars”

“Dear Howard and Elisabeth, ... I congratulate you on your success in producing an effective, interesting and attractive instructional video … You have clarified some difficult maneuvers and I was particularly impressed by your fascinating sequence on the vibrato. You have managed to convert an enormous scope into well-chosen examples and recommendations. I have not seen a similar condensed presentation of a complex and multi-dimensional subject. Thank you for the opportunity of reviewing this exciting teaching tool.”
Sincerely yours, Hans von Leden, MD

"The deluxe Voice Training Course, Born to Sing by Howard Austin and Elisabeth Howard is a very useful and welcome coaching program. Beginning with Technique, this no-nonsense approach will train singers in developing their abilities in a variety of styles as well as develop a personal style...well thought out...clear...includes a great deal...worth many times the cost."
Library Journal

"Even if you think you can't sing, this will get you started. This training has carried me through years of healthy, professional singing."
Paige O'Hara, voice of Belle, "Beauty And The Beast" film

" ... takes a `hands-on', `lead by example' approach via books, video and audio cassettes... touches all aspects of singing from basic breathing to advanced pop/rock ornamentation...the authors explain, demonstrate and have you exercise with them...teachers might find the Born to Sing series especially helpful as a guide to their own teaching...and recommend it to their students as an adjunct to studio work."

The Journal of Singing - The National Association of Teachers of Singing

"I have been using the "BornToSing" (Sing Like A Pro) series for 4 months and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal! I use the CDs and the book for about 2-1/2 hours a day and the improvement is showing in my weekly shows. The other singers have been commenting on the major improvement. In January, My first Nashville recording experience will be more comfortable knowing that I have a voice that I can rely on that is marketable and not "Just another Country Music voice." This program is a Success and I would recommend it to ANYONE who is serious in developing a winning singing voice."

Brian Douglas / KMA Records Nashville - Recording Artist

"Dear Howard Austin: I wish to thank you for your gift of music. I am an Elementary Music teacher and we greatly enjoy the musical work you have provided. The students and I gained another level of understanding through the use of your DVD and CDs as I integrated them into our music curriculum."

Karren Childs, / Professional Music Educator

"Hi Howard - I recieved my Born to Sing CD's package and already I have picked up on a couple of things that will really be of help. I have had vocal training for about 8 years, so I am not a complete novice. However, she is a classical trainer and although she quickly grasped my needs and helped me to develop my voice, I always felt that there must be certain techniques and tips regarding pop singing that is not encounterd when singing in a classical style. Especially useful is the way you approach the sound of vowels and diphtongs.... But anyway, I'll keep in contact - thanks very much for the throat relief!!!!"
Amanda Schenk / recording artist - Republic of South Africa

"In my search for “solutions” I have read books, listened to tapes, and taken some singing lessons. Your ability to apply your extensive knowledge directly to my speaking problem was refreshing and VERY helpful. You care about teaching. You enjoy teaching. It makes the lesson more enjoyable; a valuable experience. I have worked with several speech pathologists and singing instructors. Your ability to identify my speaking problems and find solutions easily exceeded that of most of the people with whom I have worked, including speech pathologists."
Jay Goldstein / Portland, Oregon

"I find your Born to Sing lessons on CDs very useful in both my voice classes and my world music class, to demonstrate the art of vocal embellishment in popular music." Henrietta Carter, Chair, Performing Arts, Golden West College "Your Vocal Harmony Course is great! It's fun and encouraging too. For the first time we have something other than just a book for the kids. Having both male and female voice to listen to and match makes all the difference ... and filling in the missing notes of intervals and chords andgetting immediate feedback is just what we need. Thanks."
Jayne Campbell - Westlake - Harvard School

"The music reading course is most valuable for large classes too - and non music majors. ...response is positive and enthusiastic ... paid off in results ... many developed to where they were able to participate successfully with the chorus." Ira Paul Schwartz - Professor of Music and Theater - State University - Brockport, NY I have a 9 year old that has been using your voice training CD's for about 2 years. At her last voice lesson, she hit 4 octaves. Her teacher seems to think this is a very large range for a girl her age. Would that be exceptional for a 9 year old girl? Keep up the good work you put out great products! - Thanks!!!!!!! "
Dr. Jerry Sullivan - parent of budding talent

"Recently, I taught a choir to produce the four resonances you describe in Born To Sing. In fifteen minutes they were producing a fuller, richer sound than their choir director had ever heard before. Your teaching methods are highly original and effective."

John Glenn Paton, Professor of Music, University of Colorado

"...for the experienced professional as well as the neophyte...can remedy vocal problems step-by step... Born to Sing could become to the study of singing what Berlitz has become to the study of languages."

John DeMain, Musical Director, Houston Grand Opera, conductor for Placido Domingo, - director of the Madison symphony, Opera Pacific

"Wow! It's good to have a new approach...very clear illustrations...techniques I've used for years...good to see them in writing."
Maralin Niska, Metropolitan Opera

"Born to Sing is the definitive vocal studies package...I highly recommend it."

Sam Brown III, record producer - Motown, Michael Jackson, Maxine Nightingale and Al Wilson

"Most of all, the skill I'm developing through the Born to Sing approach, is adding years and versatility to my career, which otherwise might have been limited. I believe Born to Sing is a key to health, versatility, longevity and excellence in singing."
Monica Pege, grand prize winner - Star Search

"Your Music Reading, Ear Training package fills a big need especially in private voice studios like mine . . . the student gains important musical knowledge and the teacher gains valuable studio time.. . . an excellent source for individual musical instruction. . . takes the singer on a systematic journey . . . provides the 'feel' of actual voice lessons . . . for about the cost of a half hour private voice lesson, one can purchase a fine introduction to musical literacy"
The Journal of The National Association of Teachers of Singing, Robert Edwin

"The authors, Howard and Austin, present their considerable knowledge on vocal technique . . . applies to all styles . . . for professional as well as beginning singers . . . very effective to improve vocal skills . . . packs a lot into 60 minutes . . . its a bargain. "
Video Rating Guide

"Howard Austin,Thank you for "Born to Sing" which I purchased from the Wireless cataolg. The program content is absolutely the finest I have ever seen. It's no wonder you have sold over a million copies. What separates your teaching methods from all the rest is that your vocal program provides instant success. My granddaughter's voice (for whom the course was purchased) improved dramatically practally overnite. Thanks again."

Larry Mansfield, proud grandfather

"Dear Howard, Just used your "Born To Sing" course from the local library. Wow! I got more out of them after one hour than I did in dozens of private lessons! You have really nailed the most common problems singers encounter and solved them all. You confirmed things I suspected but could not explain and helped me break through. I just want to say thank you."
Guy Kelada, M.B.A. / Montreal

"I got the original Born To Sing tape set as a gift 10 years ago, and found it more helpful than all my years of voice lessons in high school and college! Now I direct a church choir and am using the techniques with them. I Just ordered the 4 CDs + Book version of the Born To Sing Deluxe and their ABCs Of Vocal Harmony course. I can't wait to receive them."
Susan Bracken

"I Can Sing! - I didn't think you could learn to sing. You had to be born with it. I really love it so I took a few lessons and that helped a little. When I found Born To Sing - WOW! I really made some major progress and I showed it to my voice teacher and she got her own copy and tells her other students about it. Try it - you'll love it! "
Reviewer from Atlanta, GA

"Singing Is My New Best Friend - I am impressed! This Born To Sing voice course teaches all the stuff I needed to work on and then some. I gained so much confidence & I really love singing more than I ever thought I would. My high range increased by 5 notes and I can hold notes longer than my friend Casey and he's a really great singer.So thanks for this great training. When I'm in Los Angeles, I would love to have some lessons with the masters, Mr.Austin & Ms. Howard."
Reviewer from Brooklyn, NY USA

"I'm Singing - WOW! - My friend Jayson - a really good pro singer, got his own band - He got this Born To Sing voice package two years ago and as good as he was before he starting hitting these incredible high notes and holding notes forever! Now, I'm no singer - at lease I wasn't. But now I'm sounding more like a singer after using Born To Sing about 3 months. If you can already sing or just starting out like me, you gotta try this. I'm excited! Besides the package with the 4 CDs, they have a Born To Sing video too."
Reviewer: A reader from Atlanta

"Thanks to Austin & Howard, we finally have a practical training program in Vocal Musicianship. Scales, intervals, chords, rhythm & meter are the building blocks of music. ABCs of Vocal Harmony gears to the human voice and helps you play your vocal instrument with greater skill while learning the language of music. A member of my choir found it at Amazon.com and now I have everyone using it. My choir has never sounded better. Be sure to get the CD version for maximum effect in accessing any subject or exercises at the tuch of a button."
Morgan Farnsworth from Chicago

"Thanks so much for a very easy to utilize product. I have been using your Born To Sing materials almost exclusively for 10 years not only in my personal vocal development but also in my professional teaching career as a vocal instructor. Students can take the CDs and work at home with the very techniques I instruct them in, then return the following week for toning of those skills. The complete package provides a wonderful tool which helps to train voices for maximum ability including control, versatility, etc. ...for amateur and professional ... this is a wonderful tool for a beginner and to reclaim the tired or abused voice."
James A. Way, voice teacher from West Virginia

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