Voiceover and Presentation skills


How to find your million dollar voice!
by Susan Berkley

Play your voice like a finely tuned instrument with the VoiceShaping® home study program. 

  • Improve the sound of your voice 
  • Make a lasting, positive impression 
  • Speak with confidence and credibility 

Here's what you get in this program of 7 CDs & Speak To Influence Book:

CD 1: 

Why It's Not What You Say But How You say It That Counts 
What it takes to become a truly extraordinary communicator. Why your voice is one of your most essential (yet overlooked) tools for generating a positive first impression. Why words alone are not enough. The three kinds of words. How to use your voice to give people positive, gut-level hunches about you. What to do if you hate the sound of your voice. 

Evaluating Your Voice 
How to listen to your voice to determine strengths and areas for improvement. Using audio feedback. Overcoming the disparity gap. Interpreting your voice evalution. 10 point pronunciation checklist. Tips on articulation. What to do about an accent or dialect. Basics of standard American pronunciation. The four stages of learning. 

CD 2:

Banishing Annoying Nonwords From Your Speech Forever 
How to detect annoying "verbal viruses" in your speech and eliminate them forever. The truth about breathing and the voice. 3 key factors which interfere with natural breathing and the sound ofthe voice. 5 highly effective breathing exercises. 

Learning To Speak With More Energy And Enthusiasm 
How changing your body language can give you a better voice. Tips forpumping more energy and vitality into your voice, no matter how tired you feel The quickest and easiest ways to change the sound of yourvoice. How to make an instant emotional connection with your audience. Posture tips for a better voice. 

CD 3

Using The Power Of Your Mind To Shape Your Voice 
Using your voice to paint irresistibly vivid pictures. How to sound more credible. Creating a powerful presentation mission statement. Why it's not how we say it but why we say it that counts. How to grab the attention of even the most distracted listener.

Playing Your Voice Like A Finely Tuned Instrument (Part 1) 
Pitch, tone and inflection.: How to change the sound of your voice on cue. Finding your true voice. How to add more music to your speech. How to speak with more emotion and become a more powerful communicator. Using your voice to generate emotions in others. 

CD 4

Playing Your Voice Like A Finely Tuned Instrument (Part 2) 
Modifying rate of speech, rhythm and vocal placement. The optimal rate of speech. How to vary your rate of speech to create better rapport. How to vary speaking rhythm to grab people's interest. Developing a fuller, more resonant sound. Reducing nasality. 

How to be a Stress-Free Speaker 
The root cause of speech fright revealed. How to feel more comfortable in front of any audience. 11 ways to conquer the physical symtoms of speaking stress. 

CD 5

How To Never, Ever Be Boring 
How to be funnier: 8 secrets of the comedy experts. 5 things to do when a joke bombs. 5 tips for better story telling. The phenomenon of the selfish mind and how to use it to your best advantage. 7 ways to become a better talker by being a better listener. How to ask the right questions. The 2 kinds of questions. How to deal with a bore. Conversation secrets of the world's most interesting people. With the help of this CD you'll never catch people taking peeks at their watches... not while you're talking! 

How To Effortlessly Gain And Keep Control Of Any Conversation 
Using your voice to increase your emotional intelligence. 3 communication skills that will make you more popular. How to use your voice to show people you care. 4 ways to determine if someone is willing to listen. How to use your voice as a powerful tool of ethical persuasion. 

CD 6

How To Leave Voicemail Messages That Get Returned (and Get Results) 
Increase your callback ratio by 40% or more. A proven way to get most people to call you back within 24 hours. The 26 biggest telephone "turn-offs" and how to avoid them. Tips for you and anyone who answers your phones. 

CD 7

Speaking Without A Script And Handling Difficult Questions From The Audience
My acronym for a million dollar voice. How to give a speech with little or no notes. "Question trauma" and what to do about it. 6 ways to more enjoyable "Q&A's". Why people ask hostile questions. 7 Tips for handling even the most challenging ones. What to say when you don't know the answer. Polite avoidance tactics. The right way to cut someone off. What to do if no one asks. 7 point pre-presentation checklist. 
How to Find Your Million Dollar Voice! 

VoiceShaping® includes 7 CD’s,  AND Susan Berkley’s book Speak To Influence: How to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Voice

"Speak to Influence™ is one of those books that can truly change the quality of your life. Highly recommended."  - The Midwest Book Review

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