Keep Your Voice Young
Young Voice
Great combination - two outstanding voice products. 

The perfect Voice Exercise Program
Entertainer's Secret
Throat Relief 
The cure for dry throat & hoarseness
Created by expert voice trainers, Howard Austin & Elisabeth Howard.  It has received high praise from medical as well as vocal performance professionals for its effectiveness in voice strengthening.  SING-AEROBICS will give you a “Voice-Lift” - your voice can be vibrant and youthful.  The exercises are easy and fun.  The results are deeply satisfying.

 Entertainer's Secret

        Formulated to resemble and supplement the body's own secretions which coat the throat and larynx and keep the mucous membranes moist and lubricated - necessary for comfort and good vocal quality.  It re-coats and re-hydrates these sensitive tissues and its soothing effect is much the same as applying lotion to dry, chapped hands. ENTERTAINER'S SECRET adds moisture to the throat and larynx, permitting you to feel better and produce optimal vocal quality. - ingredients
        How Do I Use It?  - The two ounce (60 ml) polyethylene bottle (approx. 85 sprays) is equipped with a pump sprayer. Simply spray it into the throat via the mouth or the nostril as frequently as needed. Directions are on the package.

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