Becoming A Working Professional

Includes everything from how to write your own charts to how to promote and market your talent . . . find your vocal range . . . get bookings . . . communicate with and conduct the band . . . choose songs . . . musical equipment . . . create a great demo . . .

SINGERS GUIDE To Becoming A Working Professional - by Wayland Pickard 
Written in an informative and humorous style, here is a practical "how-to" handbook for: Singers who want to make money performing so they can go on tour and afford more than just cheap hotels, Musicians who accompany singers, Agents and personal managers who represent singers, Entertainment production companies that book singers, Soundmen who work nightclub and concert stages, Vocal coaches and music instructors in search of a practical teaching guide.

 This book has tips on how to enter the world of the working professional by providing hard facts and inside information on: Getting bookings in the music business, Communicating with musicians in language they understand, Finding your keys, vocal range and singing style, selecting performance material and music equipment, Becoming your own best personal manager, How to promote your show, Creating successful demo packages, Understanding sound equipment, Showcasing, auditioning and touring, Charts, arranging styles and music terminology, Discovering reasons why you are not working, Getting your act together so that you can survive in the entertainment wilderness. The tips found in this book will help you to pull in those performance dollars, so you can afford to stay at the best hotels in New York to San Diego, during your tour.  

SINGER'S GUIDE provides what you need to know about auditioning, showcasing, touring, charts, styles, music language and more . . . This is a 200 page powerhouse book! SUPER VOCALS CD gives you 'licks' and tricks for every style

  • A favorite resource of professional singers and music programs world-wide
  • 200 PAGES + FREE "SuperVocals" CD
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