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    World Music Central - news, information and resources. Including world beat, Afropop, Celtic, Latin, Flamenco, American roots music, etc.
    Otis2.com - Online music magazine featuring TONS of pictures of DJs and bands plus live audio streams and legal MP3 links.
    Crud Music Magazine - Exclusive interviews, news, reviews and message forum for the alternative and indie rock music scene, with a kitsch and retro bias. Includes media streams.
    AMIRACLE-NETWORK - online Southern Gospel Magazine Printing The U S Gospel News, a publication with 75000 readers. We also have a current Chart of the Top 100 Radio Play list, Chat Rooms and many other features. Read about all the artist, and their travel schedules and Industry news.
    Canadian Musician Canadian Musician
    Classical Singer
    unpdated News, Reviews, Features, Links, Listings, Competitions, Real Audio + more.
    Keyboard Magazine
    The Music and Audio Connection
    Music Books Plus
    Music Connection Magazine - now music scene - play-work opportunities
    Norris-Whitney Communications
    Blues Access
    Blues and Soul Magazine
    Gene Lees Jazzletter
    Guitar Player
    Guitar World Online
    The Indie Contact Bible - over 3000 reviewers and radio stations that are willing to give independent music a listen. There are also over 100 services that will help you to sell your music over the Internet as well as over 200 services that will allow you to upload your music files to their site
    Jazz Now Interactive
    Mix Magazine
    Music BIZ - a new magazine aimed to educate, enlighten and enrich our readers by giving them the informational tools needed to move their careers forward
    Music City News
    Music Trades - Published every month since 1890, Music Trades has consistently provided the music products industry with the most thorough and insightful news coverage, the most cogent market analysis, and the most useful educational features. This superior editorial content is why Music Trades is the only trade publication in the music industry with a 100% paid and audited circulation. Every month, Music Trades provides late breaking news, new product information, market analysis, and educational features pertaining to every industry segment.
    Music Week
    ProRec - audio technology magazine, with lots of personality, and searchable news groups
    Rock Pulse Music Magazine is UK based with news, reviews, columns, letters and interviews. Featuring rock, punk, metal, ska and alternative music.
    Singing News Magazine
    Spin Magazine

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